Wired Connections

The circuit diagram above shows how the components will be wired together. This won't be 100% exact in the actual circuit but it's a very close approximation.

  • Slide switch to Lipoly Backpack
  • VCC from Camera to 5V on Trinket
  • GND from Camera to GND on Trinket
  • BAT from Lipo backpack to BAT on Trinket
  • G from Lipo backpack to GND on Trinket
  • 5V from Lipo backpack to USB

Battery Power

The circuit will be powered by a 3.7V 100mAh Lithium ion battery via JST connection. The battery plugs directly into the Trinket Backpack, which allows the recharging over the microUSB port on the Trinket.

MicroUSB Trinket vs MiniUSB Trinket

Just as a warning, the enclosure was designed specifically to house the MicroUSB Trinket version. The MiniUSB Trinket might be too large to fit in the enclosure.

This guide was first published on Jan 30, 2017. It was last updated on May 03, 2024.

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