Install Components to Case

OK, now it's time to fit the parts into the case. You'll notice there's little walls inside the enclosure. These are mounting points for each component. Since each component is a different size, it should be easy to spot what goes where. I started with the slide switch, followed by the lipo backpack. Next the Trinket and then the camera module. The battery rests on the top of the Trinket. 

Installed Components

I found the cable from the battery a little bit too long, so I used a piece of heat shrink tubing to bundle it up. This made it easier to close the case.

Install Cover

Once all of the components are installed and mounted, we can place the cover over the enclosure. You'll need to orient the cover so the hole lines up with the camera lens. Also, make sure all of the wires are contained inside the enclosure. 

Case Snaps

The cover and case have little nubs on the edges that when pressed together, they snap together and "click" in place. This keeps the two parts together and prevents the cover from coming loose. It's a great way to make covers for enclosures without having to use screws or glue :-)

Case Ports

The case exposes all of the necessary ports like for the microUSB connector on the Trinket, the MicroSD card slot from the camera and the actuator from the slide switch. Nice!

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