Install Switch

Insert the wires from the switch to the cutout near the bottom of the enclosure. Press the switch into the cutout to snap it into place.  

Machine Screws

You'll need two #4-40 3/8th flat phillips machine screws to secure the PowerBoost 1000C to the enclosure. 

Install Screws

Insert the two screws to the bottom of the enclosure and fasten them in until the tip of the thread pokes through the top of the standoff. Lay the PowerBoost 1000C over the screws and fasten the screws all the through while holding the PCB in place.

Connect Switch to PowerBoost 1000C

Solder the two wires from the slide switch to pins EN and GND on the PowerBoost 1000C.

This guide was first published on Jun 15, 2015. It was last updated on Apr 03, 2024.

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