Install Amp

Lay the PAM8302 PCB over the standoffs on the enclosure and hold it in place while you fasten a single machine screw to the bottom of the enclosure.

Connect PAM8302 to PowerBoost 1000C

Get the power and ground wires from the PAM8302 amplifier and solder them to the positive and negative pins on the PowerBoost 1000C.

Install Speaker

Insert the thin plastic speaker into the cylindrical cavity. Press it down until it snaps into place.  Tolerances should be pretty tight.

Plug Audio Cable

Insert the 3.5mm connector from the audio cable into the audio jack on the Raspberry Pi

Install Raspberry Pi

Lay the PCB over the standoffs with the ports facing the cutout. Line up the mounting holes on the Pi with the holes on the standoffs. Insert four #4-40 3/8 flat Phillips machine screws and fasten them into place from the top of the Pi.

Circuit Checkpoint

The bottom half of the project is pretty much finished. The Rasp Pi and audio setup is installed, mounted and wired! 

This guide was first published on Jun 15, 2015. It was last updated on Apr 03, 2024.

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