Install 40-pin FPC cable

Open the latch from the Kippah PCB and insert the 40-pin FPC cable. Close the latch to secure it in place.

Install Kippah

Lay the Kippah over the Raspberry Pi and line up with socket with the header pins. Press the PCB down to secure it into place.

Connect Kippah to PowerBoost 1000C

Solder the 5V wire from the Kippah to the 5V pin on the PowerBoost 1000C, then solder ground to ground.

Install Display

Insert the display into the top enclosure part at an angle, with the corners going into the clips.

Mount Display

Careful bend the enclosure back until the clips allow the display panel to fit under the clips. These clips will hold the TFT panel in place.

Connect Extension to Display

Pop open the latch from the 40-pin extension and insert the 40-pin cable from the display to the extension board, then close the latch to secure it in place.

Connect 40-pin cable to Extension

Open the latch from the other side of the extension and insert the extension cable connected to the Kippah into the extension board.

Plug in Battery

Connect the JST cable from the lipo battery to the JST connector on the PowerBoost 1000C.

Test Circuit

It's a good idea to check your wiring before closing everything up! Power the circuit on with the slide switch and see if it lights ups. 

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