Prep Wires

You can lay down the Powerboost 1000C and PAM8302 amplifier on the enclosure to get an idea for how long the power and ground wires need to be. Cut two pieces of 26AWG silicone-coated stranded wires.

Tin Wires

Strip the tips of both wire using wire strippers and secure the wires to third-helping hands. Apply a small amount of solder to tin the tips.

Connect Wires to Amp

Apply solder to the pins on the amplifier. To solder the wires to the pins, hold the tip of the soldering iron to the solder joint and insert the wire.

Solder Audio Cable to Amp

Connect the audio cable to the amp by heating A+ and A- pins with the tip of the soldering iron. Insert the white channel wire to A+ and the ground wire to A-.

Connect Speaker to Amp

Apply solder to the positive and negative pins on the amplifier and insert the + and - wires from the speaker to the amp.

Audio Circuit

This beastly audio setup is ready for some thumpin' beats!

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