Connect PowerBoost to Driver

Next we’ll work on connecting the PowerBoost to the TPF401 display driver.

Secure Display Driver

Again, using the panavise to keep the board secured while I do some soldering.

Display Driver Wires

I’ll need two more pieces of wire, this time for the voltage and ground connections for the display driver.

Strip Wires

Again, I’ll use wire strippers to strip the tips of each wire. 

Secure Wires

And back to the third helping hands to assist me by holding them in place while I tin them up.

Tin Wires

I find it much quicker to tin all of the tips of they're all held in close proximity of each other.

Connect Wires to Display Driver

With these wires all prepped, they’re ready to connect to the voltage and ground pins on the TPF401 display driver.

Check Wires

I’ll connect the blue wire to the ground pin and the red to the 5 volts pin.

Connect Display Driver to PowerBoost

After that we’re ready to connect it to the PowerBoost.

Secure PowerBoost

So i’ll go ahead and secure the PowerBoost to the panavise.

Solder Wires to PowerBoost

The ground wire from the display driver goes to ground on the powerboost, and voltage to voltage.

Check Wiring

And with that complete, we’re pretty much done with all of the wiring and soldering.

Test Circuit

At this point, I’ll connect the battery back to the PowerBoost and test the circuit, once again. So far so good, now we can work on connecting the display to the TPF401 driver.

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