Connect Switch to PowerBoost

I’m going to start by connecting the slide switch to the PowerBoost.

Switch Wires

To do this, I’ll use wire strippers and a spool of wire. I’ll need to cut two pieces of wire from the spool and make sure they’re long enough to fit inside the case.

Strip Wires

Then, I’ll use the wire strippers to remove a bit of insulation from the tips of each wire.

Secure Wires

I like to secure my wires to a pair of third helping hands. I find it easier if the exposed wires are oriented facing the same direction.

Tin Wires

To prevent the strands of wire from fraying, we can tin them by adding a small bit of solder.

Secure Switch

Once that’s done, I’ll swap out the wires for the slide switch.

Trim Switch

I’ll snip off one of the leads from the switch and cut the remaining two in half using flush diagonal cutters. Now I can work on attaching the wires to the slide switch.

Tin Switch

First, I’ll add a bit of solder to the leads on the slide switch. This makes it more sticky so it’s easier to attach wires.

Solder Wires to Switch

Using the tip of the soldering iron, I’ll heat up tinned solder and connect the wires.

Check Wires

With that done, I’ll double check to see if the solder joints are nice and solid.

Heat Shrink

A piece of heat shrink tubing will keep these two wires together. Just slip the wires through and apply heat to shrink the tubing.

Secure PowerBoost

Now that we have our switched wired up, we can work on connecting it to the PowerBoost. I’ll use a panavise to secure the PowerBoost so that I can keep it steady while I do the soldering.

Connect Switch to PowerBoost

The first wire from the switch will connect to the Enable pin, and the second wire will go to Ground.

Test Switch & Battery

Now we have our slide switch wired up to the PowerBoost. I like to check my work every so often so we can actually plug in the battery and test the switch to see if it’s all good. If it is, we should be able to power it on and off. The little blue LED indicate will light up when it’s on.

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