Connecting Display 

First, i’ll connect this 40-pin FPC Extension Board to the flex cable. 

Connect FPC Extension Board

The side with the blue strip faces up and gets inserted into the connector. Once it’s fully seated, we can close the latch to secure it.

Connect Display to FPC

Now we can connect the display to the FPC extension board. 

Orient Display

We’ll need to flip the display over and orient the connector so the copper pads are facing down.

Connect Display

Insert the connector so it’s fully seated and press the latch down to secure them together.

Check Display Connectors

Inspect the latch is fully seated and the cable has been installed straight.

Fit Connector

Then I’ll flip the display and position the flex PCB and extension board so they’re on the back of the metal casing.

Mount FPC Board

I used a piece of mounting tack to secure the extension board to the metal casing. This way it’ll stay in place and makes the assembly a bit more easier.

Check Display Connectors

Make sure the FPC board is secured to the back of the display. 

Get Display Driver

Next up, let’s connect the screen to the TFP401 display driver.

Connect Driver

The silver pads on the flex cable should be facing up, then we can insert and fully seat the connector. We just need to press in the little tabs on the side to secure it shut.


A quick test using a GoPro and we can see the display is working nicely. The HDMI out from the GoPro looks pretty clean. And with that, we can move onto mounting the components to the 3D printed case.

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