Before install display, remove the protective film from the screen! If you don't do it now, you might find it hard later. Or just make sure the green tab is accessible.

Install Display to Case

I’ll start with installing the screen into the 3D printed housing. We need make sure the orientation is correct then we can insert the display into the holders.

Snap Edges

Just press the side and corners from the display down until the little nubs grabs hold of the metal casing. They should just snap into place.

Check Display Corners

Flip the display over and double check to make sure it’s fully seated and installed.

Remove Protection Film

While we’re here, why not peel off the protective film, it’s always oddly satisfying.

Install Display Driver

Next we’ll mount the display driver to the back cover. Orient the PCB facing down and rest the mounting holes over the standoffs.

Mount Display Driver

Then we can insert and fasten 4-machine screws into the mounting holes and secure the PCB to the cover. You'll need #4-40 3/8" flat Philips machine screws.

Install PowerBoost

Next up, place the PowerBoost onto the corresponding standoffs.

Mount PowerBoost

and hold it in place while inserting just two machine screws. Fasten until fully tightened.

Install Switch

Last but not least, we’ll fit the slide switch into the little holder near the top, close to the display driver.

Connect Battery

Now we can plug in the battery once again and work out how to mount the battery to the cover.

Mount Battery

I just used four little pieces of mount tack, but you can stick on tape or some other type of adhesive. There’s a free spot next to the driver, so it fits here nicely.

Joining Parts

All that’s left to do now is to bring the two pieces together. 

Close Cover

You'll need to position the flex cable so it folds in a position that allows you to close to the case. 

Snap Fit Edges

The back cover has little indentations in the lip. The case has little nubs that snap into the indentations and is secured in place without the use of any screws, which is cool.

Final Check

And that’s pretty much, everything is installed and ready!

This guide was first published on May 31, 2017. It was last updated on May 31, 2017.

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