Multi-Purpose Monitor

Are you in need of a small screen for your project? Our 5" (800x480) TFT display might be just what you're looking for. This display features a standard 40-pin connector and is compatible with our TFP401 HDMI breakout. Combined with our PowerBoost and a lipo battery, you can make this into a portable display. Our 3D printed case houses all of the electronics to make a nice little package. You only need to wire four connects, so it's a very easy DIY project that you can make in just a half an hour.

Embedded Display

There's lots of ways to position the display driver, effectively giving you the ability to mount the HDMI port in any orientation. This can be very useful, especially when you need to embed the display into an enclosure. Our 40-pin FPC extension board  gives you the flexibility to position the display driver away from the display, giving you the ability to design your own setup. 

Design & 3D Printing

I designed the case to house the screen, display driver, powerboost, battery and on/off switch. It's actually quite thin compared to a regular display because it doesn't need VGA or composite inputs. This is about as small as you can get, so it's great if you need to save space. The cover and case are designed to snap together. I designed little nubs on the edge of the case that snap into corresponding indentations so the two pieces actually lock together. It's also easy to take apart. The microUSB port from the display driver and powerboost are accessible, so it's easy to power off a USB port or recharge the battery. 

1 x 5.0" 800x480 TFT Display
40-pin without touchscreen
1 x TFP401 HDMI Breakout
40-pin TTL without touch
1 x FPC Extension Board
40-pin 200mm flex cable
1 x Powerboost 1000C
5V lipo charger USB boost @1A
1 x 2500mAh Battery
Lithium Ion Polymer 3.7V
1 x Slide Switch
SPDT breadboard-friendly
1 x Tripod Screw Insert
Camera and Tripod 3/8" to 1/4" Adapter Screw

Tools & Supplies

To put together the electronics, we just need a few tools like a soldering iron and some wire cutters. But using a panavise and helping third hands just makes things easier. 

1 x Panavise Jr.
Helps hold onto components while soldering
1 x Solder Iron
Heat pen used for melting solder wire
1 x Helping Third Hand
Helps hold onto wires while soldering
1 x 30AWG Wire
Silicone cover stranded wire
1 x Flush Cutters
Hakko Precision Flat Pliers
1 x Wire Strippers
Hakko Professsional Quality 20-30 AWG Wire Strippers

Extra Parts

These are some additional parts that you might find useful. In the main photo, you can see I'm using a Raspberry Pi 3, keyboard and a short HDMI cable, all of which are available in the shop. 

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