Potion That Actually Works!

In this project we’ll show you how to turn a USB battery pack into Pokemon Potion. In the Pokemon Go game, Potion is a medicine used for treating wounds. It’s shaped like a spray bottle and restores your HP. If you play for a while, you know your phone’s battery won’t last all day, but this little DIY prop can actually revive your phone!

USB Battery Pack

This PK Cell battery pack has a capacity of 2200mAh and has a built-in charger, so you can recharge it over microUSB. It provides 5V up to 1 Amp via a USB A Port, so you can use this with any of your mobile devices.

Light It Up!

In this project, we used 7 LEDs, a slide switch and a lipo battery to make the Potion bottle light up, giving and pretty sweet effect. The 3D printed spray bottle is hollow and diffuses the light nicely (just use a light colored filament). The LEDs are connected in parallel and soldered to a custom PCB. The custom PCB was milled out of FR1 single-sided copper board on the Othermill (which is totally optional! The LEDs can be free wired, or repurposed from a flashlight or similar).


Some of the parts are optional, depending on how (or if) you want to make the LED circuit.

Tools & Supplies

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