Mount PCB to Bottom Cover

Lay the PCB over the cover and line up the standoffs with the mounting holes. Insert and fasten 4x #4-40 3/8 long flat phillips machine screws.

Insert Cap onto Bottle

The cap is inserted over the top of the bottle with the recessed hole / open hole lined up. The cap should press fit and be flush with the top of the bottle.

Install Nozzle

Add some glue or mounting tack to the top of the nozzle base and press it onto the bottom of the nozzle tip. Then, glue the bottom of the nozzle base to the recessed area on the top of the spray bottle.

Install USB Battery Pack

Insert the USB battery pack into the bottom of the spray bottle and push in until the top is flush. The battery will have a hold in place with friction.

Install Bottom Cover

Turn on the LEDs and fit the bottom cover under the spray bottle.


And that's it! Now you have a USB battery pack that looks like Pokémon Potion. Go forth, and catch some Pokémon - If your mobile device's battery gets low, just plug in and charge it up.

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