3D Printing

The five parts can be printed in PLA material, no support material is necessary. The parts are oriented to print as is. If you don't have access to a 3D printer, you have the option to send the files to a service like 3DHubs to print and ship them to you.


The bottom cover should have a friction fit to the bottle, but they may have different tolerances depending on the 3D printer. If you find the pieces are too tight, you may need to use a filing tool on the edges to loosen up the tolerances.


Hollow spray bottle - USB battery pack goes in here.

Print in a light colored filament - white / natural PLA for best light diffusion.


Cap with clip.


Bottom cover for the spray bottle. LEDs can be mounted here.


Base of the spray nozzle.


TIp of the nozzle. Gets glued to the nozzle base.

Slice Settings

Below are some recommended slice settings. We used simplify3D to slice these parts and generate the gcode. These parts were printed on a Sigma BCN3D using a .6mm nozzle and 1.75mm filament.

  • .3mm layer height
  • 220C extruder / 65c bed
  • 20% infill
  • 5 top/bottom layers
  • 2 shells / parameters
  • 60mm/s printing speed with 120mm/s travel
  • .6mm nozzle with 100% extrusion multiplier

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