Prepping Slide Switch

We need to prep the wires for the slide switch. You can use any colored wires. We used three different colored 30AWG silicone coated wires because it’s thin, flexible and easier to indicate. Red for positive, blue for negative and green for enable. Measure three pieces of 30AWG wires and cut to approximately 6cm in length. Use wire stripper to remove 3-4mm of insulation from the tips of each wire. Use a helping third hand to hold the pieces of wire while you apply solder to the tips.

Skip the red wire, we don't need a third connection for the slide switch, only EN and GND.

Secure Slide Switch

Secure the slide switch to a Panavise Jr. to hold it in place while you solder. Heat up the terminal lead on the slide switch with the tip of the soldering iron and lightly touch it with a strand of rosin-core solder. You’ll need to tin the three terminals on the slide switch by applying a small amount of solder to them.

Wire Slide Switch

While the switch is secured, grab a prepped wire and bring it close to the first terminal on the slide switch. Position the soldered tip of the wire to the terminals and hold it there steadily. Press the soldering iron against the terminal and wire to solder them together. You’ll want to do this gently and quickly. Ideally, you want the middle terminal be the “enable” while the far left/right be "ground", negative.

Again, skip the red wire, we don't need it!

Heat Shrink Slide Switch

Once you’ve soldered up the three wires to the terminals, you’ll want to protect the connections with some heat shrink tubing. Cut a piece of heat shrink tubing that sizes for 30AWG wire to about 5-6mm in length. Slip these onto the three wires and position them over the exposed connections. Apply some heat to the tubing to shrink! Ideally want to use hot air.

Install Slide Switch

Now that the switch is wired up and protected, it’s a good idea to install it into the enclosure before wiring it to the rest of the circuit. Carefully thread the into the slide switch cut out on the bottom enclosure part. Gently push the slide switch into the enclosure. You may want to use a hand tool or surface of a table to help force it in if the tolerances are too tight.

Ignore the red wire, we really don't need it for this project. We only need the Enable and Ground.

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