Prep Metal Speaker

Secure the speaker on the helping third hands (it has a magnet so just let it stick to one of the grabbers). Hit the solder joints and remove the wires.

Be careful not to touch the magnet with the soldering iron tip!

Prep New Wires for Speaker

Sit the two case parts close to each other to guage wire length and cut two pieces. Strip the tips of each wire and add solder to tin the tips. 

Solder Wires to Speaker

Heat up the solder points on the speaker and connect the wires. The positive and negative symbols are indicated on the speaker. If it's not, follow the photo to reference the polarity (left is negative, right is positive.)

Install Speaker

Position the speaker into the bottom corner of the enclosure. There's a circular indent with slits near the rounded corner of the case. That's where the speaker needs to go. The tolerance should be sized to fit the speaker tightly.

Connect Speaker wires to PAM8302

Solder the wires from the speaker to the audio out pins on the PAM8302.

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