Cut Pi Audio wires

Measure and cut up two wires for connecting to the audio jack on the Pi, to the audio input on the PAM8302.

Strip and Tin Wires

Strip off the ends of each wire and tin the tips. Quick tip, you can secure both wires to a helping third hand so you can solder them all at once.

Tin Audio pins on Pi

Next up we need to prep the solder points on the Pi to make it easier to solder our audio wires. Start by securing the Pi to the panavise jr downside up. Locate the audio jack and find the two solder spots for the positive and ground. Add a small amount of solder to these points.

Solder Audio Wires to Pi

 Hit those points with the iron and solder the wires to positive and ground. The ground (white wire) can be indicated by seeing there's no traces connected to it. The positive (red wire) connection has visible traces.

Solder Audio wires to PAM8302

Place the Pi into the base with the audio jack facing amp. Wire the positive (red wire) to A+ pin and the ground (white wire) to the A- pin on the PAM8302

Mount Pi

Hold the Pi in place while you insert and fasten four #4-40 3/8 flat phillips machine screws into the mounting holes. 

Mounted Pi

The screws should be fastened all the way so they're flush with the surface of the case.

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