Prep PAM8302

Get the amp breakout secured to the panavise jr. Heat up the pins and apply some solder to all but the SD pin on the breakout.

PAM8302 Wires

Measure and cut two 30AWG wires to about the length of the PCB. Strip the ends off each wire and tin the tips.

Thread PAM8302

Just like the powerboost PCB, it's a good idea to thread the mounting hole with a machine screw. We only need one hole threaded since we're using a single screw to secure the PCB to the enclosure.

Solder Wires to PAM8302

Secure the PCB and solder the red wire to Vin pin and the blue wire to GND.

Mount PAM to enclosure

Fit the breakout over the spot near the powerboost 1000c and line up the holes. Hold the PCB in place while you fasten a single #4-40 3/8 flat phillips machine screw.

Solder power to PAM8302

Solder up the red wire from Vin to 5V on the powerboost 1000c. Then connect the blue wire from Gnd to G on the powerboost 1000c.

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