The Gamebuino library defines a function called yield() but this is internally used by Arduino for USB and other RTOS tasks, for Gamebuino's yield we've renamed it to gb_yield()

SD vs. QSPI Filesystem

By default Arcada sets up to use the internal QSPI filesystem. If you want to use SD cards instead, and your board has an SD card slot, open up the Adafruit_Arcada.h and find the definition block for your board, for example


Then change

//#define ARCADA_USE_SD_FS


  #define ARCADA_USE_SD_FS

And recompile your game

Audio Format

Audio WAV files must be in Mono, 8-bit, 44.KHz which is a little different than what we normally use in Adafruit projects. Still, our audio-conversion guide may help!

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