There's over 100 games available, and we don't want to play any favorites! We did try a couple games that are good demonstrations of the Gamebuino platform. Here are ready-to-go UF2s you can drag-n-drop onto the BOOT bootloaders of a PyGamer or PyBadge


This Pokémon alike is a port from a pico8 game, thus the name

Source code is on GitHub you can download/fork it here

This game comes with audio files, so after you run the game once, reset the Arcada board, and find the picomon folder on the USB drive that appears:

Then, from the downloaded source code, go into the binaries/picomon folder. You'll find a musics folder, ICON.GMV file and more. Drag all but the picomon.bin file into the CIRCUITPY/picomon folder

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