The very first step is to make a list of all the wondrous features you'd like for your bike. I talked to some longtime Burner friends and got a ton of great ideas.  I also made a Pinterest board with some fun ideas I'd like to try.


  • A good headlight for seeing in the dark
  • NeoPixels on the frame so you can be seen
  • A basket for carrying water and other stuff


  • A tall tail-fin "flag" so you can be seen from a distance
  • Daytime color -- paint, bling, and fun fur
  • Audio sound system / bluetooth speaker

Pie-in-the-Sky Ideas

  • POV Spoke wheels that show images as you move
  • Multiple bikes synched together for group riding
  • A "find my bike" feature that makes it blink in the dark from a distance

There are so many ideas to have. One feels almost attacked by the flock of ideas!

The planning stage is a great time to get realistic about what your essentials are, how much time you have, and what can be realistically done with a reasonable battery pack and budget.

For this project, I'm going to start with the essentials, then move to the extras if I've got the time. The pie-in-the-sky ideas probably should have been started September of last year, the day I got home from the last festival of the season, but I'll give some suggestions for after-market solutions you can buy.

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