Pixy Pet wont track an object

Pixy Pet tracks best if the object is a bright saturated color. It also helps if there are not a lot of similarly colored things in the environment to distract your Pixy.

Pixy Pet loses the tracked object - even when it is right in front of it.
Pixy Pet performs best in a brightly lit area. Check with PixyMon to make sure that Pixy recognizes the object well and re-teach that color signature if necessary.

Sometimes, moving to an area with different lighting (e.g. daylight vs. flourescent) can change the color appearance and confuse Pixy.
Pixy Pet is easily distracted by other objects
Other objects of the same color can distract Pixy Pet if they are in view. Pixy Pet will tend to favor the largest recognized object. Teaching Pixy Pet too many different color signatures increases the chances for confusion. It is better to stick to one color at a time.
Pixy Pet moves erratically when the object is in view, but doesn't track it
Make sure your batteries are fresh. Make sure you don't have the pan and tilt servo plugs reversed.
Pixy Pet's pan/tilt head oscillates - even when the object is still
Reduce the proportional gain in the ServoLoops.
Pixy Pet seems sluggish and the pan/tilt tracking keeps glitching.
Your Pixy Pet is getting tired. Feed it some fresh batteries.

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