The Pixy Camera itself is fully assembled. We just need to attach it to the pan/tilt base and connect the servos.


The pan/tilt kit is available with and without sevos. The mechanism is sized to fit standard micro sevo cases. However, servo horns are not standardized. If using other servos, you may need to trim or re-shape the horns to fit.

Preparing the Pan/Tlt Base

The pan/tilt base has mounting tabs for a different style of camera module.  We'll need to remove these before attaching to the Pixy CMU-Cam.

Remove the Side Tabs

Cut the side tabs so that they are flush with the face of the camera mounting bracket.

The bracket is made of a fairly soft nylon, so these are easly removed with a pair of wire cutters.

Trim the remaining tabs flush

There are two smaller alignment tabs and a cable guide that must be trimmed flush also.

Cut a notch for the cable connectors

We need to make room for the cable connectors on the back of the camera module.  Two cuts, as shown in the photos will remove the top left side of the bracket.

Attach the Camera

Cut a 1"x1" piece of double-sided foam tape and position on the back of the camera module as shown.

Remove the backing paper and align the camera bracket as shown.  The connector headers on the back of the camera module will fit into the notch we cut in the previous step.

Press down firmly to adhere the camera to the mounting bracket.  Your final assembly should look like the last photo to the left..

Connect the Servo Cables

The servo cables attach to the 2x6 pin header on the back of the camera.  The cable for the pan servo (the bottom one) should be on the left.  The cable for the tilt servo should be on the right.  Make sure that the brown wire is on the bottom and the yellow wire is on top.

Tape the two connectors together.  This will make it easier to keep them from getting mixed up if you have to disconnect them later.

Secure the Cables

Route the servo cables as shown and anchor to the pan/tilt base with cable ties.  Be sure to leave enough slack so that the cables will not interfere with the pan/tlt motion.

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