This project pairs the super-awsome Pixy CMUCam-5 vision system with the high performance Zumo robot platform, a pan/tilt mechanism and an Arduino Leonardo for a brain.

The Pixy camera has powerful image processing capabilities that can track objects by color. It can track dozens of objects simultaneously and report their locations to the Arduino in real-time. The built-in pan/tilt servo control is fast enough to track a bouncing ball.

The Zumo robot is a low-profile tracked robot platform designed for an Arduino controller. It uses two 75:1 precision micro metal gearmotors to drive extra grippy silicone rubber treads. Zumo has traction and torque to spare, with a top speed of approximately 2 feet per second (60 cm/s). This makes it a nimble little bot that can zip along at high speed and still turn on a dime.

Putting all this together with an Arduino Leonardo processor, you can build yourself a fun and responsive little bot that will chase objects or follow you around like a playful pet!

The Pixy Pet Robot is simple to build with no soldering required. With just a few common tools, you can complete the assembly in under an hour!

Before embarking on this project, please follow the Pixy and Zumo tutorials, getting those working with the Arduino seperately and then you can combine them!


 * If you have some micro-servos already, we also have an unassembled pan/tilt kit in the store.  Some modifications may be required to fit your servo horns to the pan/tilt kit. 

** The official Arduino Leonardo has been discontinued, but the Seeeduino Lite will work with some minor modifications.


  • Wire Cutters
  • Scissors
  • USB A to Mini-B cable (for teaching the camera)
  • USB A to Micro-B cable (for uploading to the Leonardo)
Note: Due to the pin assignments of the Zumo robot shield, this project will not work with an Uno or other Atmega 328-based processor.

This guide was first published on Aug 26, 2014. It was last updated on Oct 17, 2016.

This page (Overview and Materials) was last updated on Jun 30, 2014.

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