Overview and Materials

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This project pairs the super-awsome Pixy CMUCam-5 vision system with the high performance Zumo robot platform, a pan/tilt mechanism and an Arduino Leonardo for a brain.

The Pixy camera has powerful image processing capabilities that can track objects by color. It can track dozens of objects simultaneously and report their locations to the Arduino in real-time. The built-in pan/tilt servo control is fast enough to track a bouncing ball.

The Zumo robot is a low-profile tracked robot platform designed for an Arduino controller. It uses two 75:1 precision micro metal gearmotors to drive extra grippy silicone rubber treads. Zumo has traction and torque to spare, with a top speed of approximately 2 feet per second (60 cm/s). This makes it a nimble little bot that can zip along at high speed and still turn on a dime.

Putting all this together with an Arduino Leonardo processor, you can build yourself a fun and responsive little bot that will chase objects or follow you around like a playful pet!

The Pixy Pet Robot is simple to build with no soldering required. With just a few common tools, you can complete the assembly in under an hour!


 * If you have some micro-servos already, we also have an unassembled pan/tilt kit in the store.  Some modifications may be required to fit your servo horns to the pan/tilt kit. 


  • Wire Cutters
  • Scissors
  • USB A to Mini-B cable (for teaching the camera)
  • USB A to Micro-B cable (for uploading to the Leonardo)
Note: Due to the pin assignments of the Zumo robot shield, this project will not work with an Uno or other Atmega 328-based processor.
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