Adding Animated Gifs

You can find animated Gifs all over the internet. A great website for finding a large collection of them is Once you find them, you'll need to get them over to your Raspberry Pi. The easiest way would be to just use FTP or downloading them directly from the internet on your Pi if that's what you would prefer. Just make sure they're in the same folder as the script.

Starting the Player

To use the player, open up the command prompt and go to the folder where the script resides. Make sure you have placed all of your animated Gifs in this folder. Once that is done, go ahead and run the command:


You should see the animation running on the display:

Scrolling through Animated Gifs

Some animated Gif files have a limited number of loops, some will loop indefinitely, and some will just play once. If you have any that don't play indefinitely, then the player will automatically advance to the next animated Gif.

If you are viewing one that loops indefinitely, you can get to the next image by pushing the button for advancing or you can go back to the previous image by pushing the other button.

There's definite improvements that can be made to this player, and we wanted to publish what we had to get folks started - feel free to contribute and have fun!

This guide was first published on Jan 08, 2020. It was last updated on Jun 11, 2024.

This page (Using the Player) was last updated on Mar 08, 2024.

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