You can build a 3D printed, wrist-mounted case for your Pip-Boy 2040. A nylon watch strap will allow you to adjust it for a perfect fit -- or you can use velcro strips to secure it to a costume jacket or rad cyber armor.

Print the Case

Print the three model files (linked above) at 0.2mm layer height and 18% infill.

Threaded Inserts

For case section assembly, use M4 x 30mm socket-head screws, and M4 x 0.7mm thread brass heat-set inserts.

For more info on using heat-set threaded inserts, see this guide.

Using your soldering iron, carefully heat and sink the four inserts into the model as shown.

Case Top

Secure the Joy FeatherWing and the Display to the case top using eight M2.5 x 10mm screws and nuts.


Align the boards and press the header pins into the sockets.

Then, fit the board into the middle section, making sure to line up the USB-C port.


Flip the base so the curved face is down (this is contoured for your arm), with the flat side facing the board.

Use the M4 screws to assemble the three sections, screwing them into the threaded inserts.

Extra Inserts

You can add four inserts on top of the excess screw length for that post-apocalyptic atom-punk look!


Add your watch strap and you're ready to wear the Pip-Boy 2040.

Flip the slide switch to power it on.

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