Your controller is now ready for its new brain! You'll wire and solder these connections:

  • Switch common ground black wires to Teensy GND 
  • Plunger white wire to Teensy pin 1
  • Left flipper red wire to Teensy pin 8
  • Right flipper red wire toTeensy pin 12
  • LED anode red wire (or blue if you prefer the blue glow) to Teensy pin 13
  • LED cathode black wire to a 4.7K resistor and then to common GND
The resistor isn't strictly required -- the LED is just very bright without it!

When you solder the resistor in line with the LED, you can add heat shrink tubing over the resistor to insulate it.

After you've soldered the wires, test it out to make sure everything works as planned. 

Be a Pinball Wizard

You're just about ready to play! Carefully close up the controller case, being careful not to pinch any of the wires. You can use some hot glue or tape to keep the USB wire in place.

Then, screw in the case screws and reapply the rubber feet. If the original adhesive isn't enough to keep them in place, you can use some double stick tape.

Now, turn on your iPad or iPhone, launch the game, and plug in the controller USB cable to the Lightning connector and into the iPad. The LED will light up, and you're all set. Have fun playing virtual pinball with physical controls!

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