The LCD Plate's buttons can be used to adjust the info displayed and control the backlight.

Up/Down Buttons

Pushing the Up or Down buttons will cycle through the available info screens:

Screen 1:

• Accepted shares, Rejected shares, Hardware errors
• Average hashrate (hashes per second)
Screen 2:
• Active pool address & port
• Current worker name
Screen 3:
• Continuous Uptime formatted as: days:hours:minutes
• Current network difficulty
Screen 4:
• Number of mining devices
• Error percentage
Screen 5:
• Last bitcoin price via MtGox exchange
• High & Low prices via MtGox exchange

Left/Right Buttons

The left & right buttons are used to adjust text position when a line contains more than 16 characters. This occurs most often with pool addresses (see Screen 2)
After several seconds the text position will automatically reset to its original position

Select Button

Pushing the select button will toggle the display backlight on/off when using a single color display and will cycle colors on RGB displays.

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