Cgminer 3.1.1 does not support USB hot swapping. So before adding or removing USB miners, you'll need to shut down mining operations.

Option 1: Stop mining & shutdown via the SELECT button

(courtesy of the Raspberry Pi WiFi Radio project)

The easiest way to stop mining is to press & hold the SELECT button for three seconds. After doing so, you should briefly see this message before the LCD backlight turns off:
At this point, the Raspberry Pi will run through its shutdown routine and halt all processes. You'll need to wait up to 30 seconds before unplugging and/or restarting your Pi.

Option 2: Stop mining without shutting down

Alternatively, if you wish to stop mining without shutting down your Pi, connect to the Pi using ssh or console cable and enter the following commands.

First, to stop the PiMiner script currently running in the background, we'll need to find its process ID by entering the following:
ps aux | grep PiMiner
Entering the command should return a list like this one:
The top entry in the list tells us the PiMiner's process ID (4097, in this example).

Use it to stop PiMiner by entering:
sudo kill 4097

Next, we can find cgminer's process ID by entering the following:

ps aux | grep cgminer
Now use the top listed process ID to stop cgminer:
sudo kill 10343
That's all - mining has ceased!

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