PLEASE BE AWARE - THIS IS NOT AN EASY/BEGINNER PROJECT! This project is for experienced makers, with successful soldering and Raspberry Pi projects. We DO NOT guarantee you will be able to build this project sucessfully!

Ready-To-Go Raspberry Pi IMG

Click the button below to download the PiGRRL Zero img. You'll need to burn this to an SD card (2 GB minimum) using a image burning tool, like the ones listed in the guide

Once the img has been burnt to a blank SDCard, insert it into the Raspberry Pi Zero. The image is preloaded with tools, emulators, some games and preconfigured buttons for the gamepad controls. It will only work with the PiTFT (So plugging in an HDMI monitor might not display anything).

The image does not work with the Raspberry Pi Zero W – If you're using the Pi Zero W, you will need to manually setup the software.

After first boot, you'll need to expand the filesystem to fill the SD card. This requires having a keyboard attached temporarily (either through a USB hub or a USB-A-to-micro adapter).

From the EmultationStation GUI, press “F4” to exit to a Linux command prompt. Then type “sudo raspi-config”. The very first option in this menu is “Expand Filesystem.” Run that command. Afterward, tab over to the “Finish” button and reboot when prompted.

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