PLEASE BE AWARE - THIS IS NOT AN EASY/BEGINNER PROJECT! This project is for experienced makers, with successful soldering and Raspberry Pi projects. We DO NOT guarantee you will be able to build this project sucessfully!

Install PiTFT to Pi Zero

Now we can insert the PiTFT to the Pi Zero. You'll want to group the wires from the gamepad so they aren't kinked. Slowly guide the pins from the GPIO header on the Pi Zero and seat them through the pins on the PiTFT.

Connecting PiTFT to Pi Zero

Look at the HDMI and USB ports on the Pi and make sure they're flush with the back of the PiTFT. The wires from the gamepad should be behind the ports.

When you seat the GPIO header from the Pi to the PiTFT, try not to fully press them together. If you do, you'll see the Pi Zero PCB will be slightly angled. Try to keep the two PCBs as straight as possible.

Solder PiTFT to Pi Zero

Trim the pins from the header of the Pi Zero so they're slightly taller than the pins of the PiTFT. This will make it easier to apply solder. Once they're all trimmed down, go ahead an solder all of the pins! Take your time and be sure the solder joints are solid.

Soldered PiTFT to Pi Zero

Double check each pin and ensure they're nicely soldered.

Gamepad Ground Connections

Now is a good time to add ground connections for the two gamepad PCBs. We can add these to the back of the Pi Zero. Measure and cut two pieces of wires. Solder them to the available ground pads on the gamepad PCB. Then, connect those to the back of the Pi.

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