Jump 500mAh Mini Lipo

Bridge the 500mAh connection on the micro lipo usb lipoly charger by applying a good amount of solder to the two golden pads.
This will make it so you charge the battery at 500mAh for a fast charge rate

Set JST Wire

Grab a set of wires with a JST male connector that's about 60mm in length (you probably have the one that came with the miniLipo charger!) Insert the positive and negative wires through the right mounting hole. Strip the wires and place the exposed wire into the GND and BAT pins.

Solder JST to MiniLipo

Flip the charger over and solder the black wire to GND pin and red wire to BAT
This cable will let you connect to the PowerBoost easily

Check 5V LED

Plug in the battery with a JST connector to the MiniLipo charger. Plug the JST from the charger to the PowerBoost 500. Check to see if the green LED lights up on the PowerBoost. If it does, it totally works and is Boosting fine!

On Off switch

The boost converter has true-disconnect capability so we can just tie the ENable pin low to do a complete power shutdown

Slide Switch

Secure the slide switch to a third-helping hand. Tin the two terminals of the slide switch. Solder two wires (about 80mm in length) to the slide switch. Solder one wire to an outer most terminal and the other to the middle terminal.

PowerBoost 500 Switch

Secure the PCB to a third-helping hand and position the two wires from the slide switch wire to GND and EN pins.

Solder Switch to PowerBoost 500

Flip the PCB over and bend the exposed wires down to secure them while you solder the EN and GND pins.

Enabled Switch

With the switch now soldered to the EN pin, it can safety power on and off! Try flipping the switch to see the green LED turn on and off

Power Circuit Setup

With the parts all wired up, you can insert the slide switch into the piboy-bottom.stl part through the switch hole on the side.
Feel free to take a break after completing this section and play some Mario Kart or have a refreshing drink

2200 Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery

This battery may come with a set of two wires that have a male JST connector. You'll need to trim that wire down to about 6mm and solder it to the set of wires that are soldered to the end of the battery. Be sure to tin the wires and use heat shrink tubing!

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