Connect Pi Cable

Insert the Pi cable into the back of the Pi TFT in the correct orientation.

Keyboard + Power

Test the circuit with a USB micro cable connected to the micro USB port on the Raspberry Pi. Connect a USB keyboard to the side of the Pi for input.

Check Boot

The PiTFT should boot up into the Game ROM Aggregator

Remember you have to set up the screen rotation to be 270 so check the previous step if you haven't done that yet!

D-Pad Test

Lay the D-Pad elastomer gasket over the PCB and place the plastic part on top. Press the D-Pad up and down to test for a solid connection.

More Buttons!

Add the rest of the elastomer gaskets and select a game to play test.

Play Test

Run Mario or something similar to test out the latency. It may be a little difficult to play like this but will feel more natural with the top part on.

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