Celebrate the 25th anniversary of that classic gaming device by building your own with 3d printing and DIY electronics from adafruit. In this project we'll use a raspberry pi and TFT touch screen to make an epic DIY gamegirl.

Since it's a Raspberry Pi Linux computer, we can run differerent emulators on it. We happen to be partial to 8-bit NES but there's also MAME support and maybe you could even hack-in support for your favorite old console!

The 3d printed enclosure will house all the components and can be printed in your favorite color. We'll hack an SNES gaming controller and reuse the printed circuit board, buttons and elastomers.

This is for the Raspberry Pi Model B - Rev 2. The Rev 1 and Rev 2 have different indexes for the GPIO pins. There is a controller issue with the Rev 1, please follow this guide to fixing the problem. http://forums.adafruit.com/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=53557

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