Prep Wires for Rasp Pi Audio

To connect the amp to the Raspberry Pi 2, we'll need two wires. Cut two pieces of 30AWG wires to about 10cm in length. Strip and tin the tips of each wire.

Prep Raspberry Pi Audio Pins

On the bottom of the Raspberry Pi 2 PCB, locate the audio jack and inspect the three pin connected to the component.

Take note of the two circles highlighting the pins. The left pin (blue) will connect to the negative pin on the amp, while the right pin (red) connects to the positive pin. The middle pin does not need to be tinned (disregard the tinning in the photo).

Place the tip of the soldering iron over the pin and apply a small amount of solder. This will make connecting wires to the audio amp much easier.

Connect Wires to Raspberry Pi

Solder the new wires to the pins on the bottom of the Raspberry Pi. The negative(blue) wire connects to the left pin, while the positive(ed) wire connects to the right pin.

Connect Wires to Amp

Solder the negative (blue) wire to the A– pin on the amp, and the positive (red) wire to the A+ pin on the amp.

Audio Connection Confusion? You may notice the audio connections in the photo above are reserved. This photo is intended for the Pi 1 Model B+ (not the 2 or 3). Be sure to follow the first set of photos if you're using the Pi 2 or 3. If your using the Pi 1 Model B+, then reference the photo above.

This guide was first published on Jan 20, 2016. It was last updated on Mar 08, 2024.

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