Prep PAM8302 Amp

Secure the amp to a pair of helping third hands. Use the tip of the soldering iron to heat up solder and apply to the VIN, GND, A+, A–, + and pins. This will make it easier to solder wires to the pins.

Measure Wires for Amp and Speaker

We'll need two pieces of 30AWG wires to connect the speaker to the amp. We recommend using silicone-coated stranded wire. Measure about 9cm in length for each wire. You don't have to use different colored wires, but we recommend it to help tell them apart.

Strip and Tin Wires

Use a pair of wire strippers to remove about 4mm of insulation from the tips of each wire. To keep the tips of wires from fraying, use the tip of the soldering iron to apply solder. You can bundle the tips of wires together and use a pair of helping third hands to tin the tips at the same time.

Connect Wires to Speaker

Remove the wires connected to the speaker, they're too short. We'll need to connect the new pieces of wire we just prepped onto the solder pads of the speaker. Secure the speaker to the helping third hands - Since there's a magnet on it, we can stick it to one of the grabber arms. Reference the photo to see which is positive (right pad) and negative (left pad). Next, slip on a piece of heat shrink tubing to group the two wires.

Connect Wires to Amp

Secure the amp back onto the helping third hands. Solder the positive wire from the speaker to the positive output pin on the amp, then, solder the negative wire to the negative output pin. Now we can proceed to work on the power circuit.

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