You need the following repo to make the code function

git clone

You need this Python library

sudo apt-get install python-numpy

Now for the code you can get it with wget or copy and paste from below

import cv2
import numpy
import subprocess
import time
import datetime

def get_file_name_pic():  # new

subprocess.Popen("./raspi2png",  cwd='/home/pi/raspi2png')
subprocess.Popen(["raspistill", "-t", "500", "-rot", "270", "-o", "/home/pi/camera.jpg"], shell=False)

# Load image and screenshot
img1 = cv2.imread('/home/pi/camera.jpg')
img2 = cv2.imread('/home/pi/raspi2png/snapshot.png')   
rows,cols,channels = img2.shape
#top-left corner pic in pic
img1[0:rows, 0:cols ] = img2
#save combined picture 
#generate filename for dropbox file name
filename = get_file_name_pic()

photofile = "/home/pi/Dropbox-Uploader/ upload /home/pi/test.png /Apps/PiGlass/"+filename
#runs photofile dropbox upload
subprocess.Popen(photofile, shell=True)

When you run the program it will take a screenshot followed by a picture and combine the screenshot into the photo. Below is an example of a picture generated by the above code.

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