Step 1: Modify your header pins with a ruler, put the edge of the ruler on the black part and push down until you get close to one side, you will need two rows of 16 pins and 2 rows of 4 pins.

Step 2: Put your header pins in the female header from the phat dac parts.

Step 2.5: For forward compatibility with a bone conduction transducer guide, solder 2 regular pins onto the phat dac.

Step 3: Solder your modified pins onto the raspberry pi zero w. The part you are soldering is outlined in red below.

Step 4: When you are done soldering, take the female header off the pins of the pi and put the phat dac on and slide it down as far as you can then solder all the pins of the phat dac. I used blue zip ties to hold the boards together at this point.

This is what it will look like after you solder the phat dac on

Step 5: Attach the bluetooth adapter using the mini OTG USB adapter and attach the camera.

Step 6: Attach the PiGlass to the VuFine+ using small zip ties, making sure to go through both boards and around the Vufine+.

Step 8: Extend the VuFine screen as far as it will go, then place the gluedot on the center of the back of the screen then place the camera on the gluedot.

Step 9: Attach the short mini hdmi to micro HDMI cable from the Pi Zero to the VuFine+ and zip tie it.

All done with the assembly!

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