Angled shot of a Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W.
Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W is the latest product in Raspberry Pi's most affordable range of single-board computers. The successor to the breakthrough Raspberry Pi Zero...
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Angled shot of Zero Spy Camera for Raspberry Pi Zero connected to a ribbon cable.
Is your house haunted? Or, rather, are you convinced that your house is haunted but have never been able to prove it since you've never had a camera that integrated with your...
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Raspberry Pi Zero FPC Camera Cable - 30cm long connected to a Pi zero and Pi camera
This 30cm long camera cable is specifically designed to work with the Raspberry Pi Zero series (including Zero W and Zero WH) Just...
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Small Bone Conductor Transducer with Wires
Drown out the voices in your head with a bone conduction transducer! This incredible speaker does not have a moving cone like most speakers you've seen, instead, a small metal rod...
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Mini Bluetooth Keyboard – Black colored
Sure, you have a keyboard. Maybe it's wireless. Maybe it's even Bluetooth. But do you have a mini Bluetooth keyboard? Like Halloween candy, this keyboard is...
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1 x 40 pin header
header for pi zero
1 x Micro to Micro USB cable
used to power the display
1 x Vufine+
The heads up display
1 x Safety Glasses
glasses with strap
1 x Hat with plastic strap
hat for mounting pi zero
1 x 8Bitdo Zero 2 Gamepad
Bluetooth gamepad
1 x Waveshare WM8960
Audio hat
1 x 15 to 22 pin camera cable joiner
camera cable joiner
1 x Micro to Mini HDMI cable
display cable


Soldering Iron
Heat gun
Small flathead screwdriver
Xacto knife


4x 2.6mm wide - 6 inch long zip ties
2x paper clips (or other clips)
2mm heat shrink (1x 4" piece)
1/4 inch heat shrink (2x 1.25" pieces)
3/4 inch heat shrink (1x 1.25" piece)
Double sided adhesive

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