The HTTP server may be assembled with 3D printed parts, described below. The case has three lid options depending on your taste: a plain lid, a lid with a cow print or a lid with a cow face. The cow print and cow face versions of the lid can utilize the M600 filament change command in your slicer software to accentuate the design. 

The STL files can be downloaded directly here or from Thingiverse.

Main Case

The main case portion needs supports for the DS18B20 temperature sensor slot. In your slicer software, you can use a support blocker to only add supports to the sensor slot.

Cow Print Lid

For the cow print lid, slice the model with a 0.2 mm layer height and insert a filament change command on layer 2.

Cow Face Lid

For the cow face lid, use the support on build plate only option in your slicer. Slice the model with a 0.2 mm layer height and insert filament change commands on layers 25, 28 and 32.

The plain lid does not require any supports or filament changes. All of the lids have cutouts and mounting holes for the OLED screen and Pico W.

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