In this guide, you'll setup an HTTP (web) server with a Pico W running CircuitPython. HTTP servers are handy for creating custom web interfaces to monitor and control IoT projects.

This example sets a static IP address for the server, logs temperature readings from a DS18B20 temperature sensor, displays server information on an OLED and serves an HTML webpage with buttons that can send HTTP POST requests to toggle pins on the Pico W.

The HTML webpage is included in the file as an f-string so that it can take in variables directly from The HTML code includes buttons that send POST requests for turning the Pico W onboard LED on and off and for displaying a party parrot animation on the OLED.

The OLED displays important information about the server. It tells you the connection status, the name of your SSID, the IP address and the current temperature reading from the DS18B20. It can also show the less important, but more fun, party parrot animation.

Since the Pico W is often affectionately referred to as the Pi-Cow, a bovine-themed 3D printed case is included for this project.

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1 x 0.1" male header
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1 x 220 ohm resistors
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Black Nylon Machine Screw and Stand-off Set – M2.5 Thread
1 x 5mm RGB Slow Blinking LED
Auto changing RGB LED
1 x M2 Brass Standoffs
M2 standoffs

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