It's not necessary to wear the glove while the electronics are sewn in place, but doing so can help ensure a comfortable fit. Keep in mind, you'll need a friend with basic sewing skills and a steady hand to help out if choose to go this route.

Attach Flora

Place the Flora on the back of the glove just past the knuckle-line. Sew it in place using the unused solder pads as anchor points.

Stitch finger wiring

Wrap the NeoPixel wiring around the glove index finger so that the NeoPixel can be attached on top of the fingernail area. Secure the wires to the glove using a whip-stitch running their entire length.

Sew the NeoPixel to the back of the fingertip/fingernail area.

Wrap the Color Sensor wiring around the index finger, ensuring the sensor rests below the the face of the fingertip. Stitch the length of the wiring to the glove and sew the sensor in place.

Sew the Codec Proto

Place the Proto board at the glove's wrist area just behind the joint so that your hand can move freely. Sew it place using the any of holes on either side of the board.

Connect the battery

Turn the Flora's power switch to the off position and plug the battery into the connector opposite the USB port.

To secure the battery in place during use, it can be tucked between the Flora and glove.

Optionally, you can further secure the battery by sewing its wiring to back of the glove.

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