Reverse Lure Module!

In this project we’ll show you how to find Pokemon with the Raspberry Pi. It looks like a lure module, but instead of attracting Pokemon, it lets you know when they’re close. 

It like getting a notification when Pokemon are nearby. This can be really useful, especially when you’re at work or stuck in class. So now you don’t have to keep your mobile device open or keep checking every ten minutes.

How Does It Work?

When a common Pokemon appears, this first LED turns on. The second LED lights up when rare Pokemon are nearby, and when legendary Pokemon show up, the third LED will turn on.

By loading some python code onto the Raspberry Pi, you can connect to the unofficial Niantic Pokemon API and get request when a Pokemon spawns in your area. In the JSON configuration file, you can specify any location.

Warning, Warning, Warning!!

This is really risky hacker business and could potentially get you banned! This is completely against Niantic’s terms of service.

It’s a proof of concept for educational hacking only! Niantic doesn’t like it when folks use the API and they’ll probably shut down access to it - So if you’re watching this, it may or may not work.

So fair warning, Don’t use this on your main account! And there’s no guarantee it’ll work at all - but the case is pretty cool!

This guide was first published on Aug 15, 2016. It was last updated on May 06, 2024.

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