Parts List

Required Parts:

  • Raspberry Pi board (any model or revision). This project has modest requirements and is a great use for older “hand-me-down” Pi boards.
  • Adafruit LCD+Keypad Kit for Raspberry Pi. There are a few different versions of this, depending on the “look” you’re after: RGB Positive backlight, RGB Negative, and the more affordable Blue & White. All versions of this kit require some assembly and soldering.
  • A 2GB or larger SD memory card (microSD for most recent Raspberry Pi boards).
  • A power supply compatible with the USB MicroB connector on the Raspberry Pi; some mobile phone chargers will work, or we offer suitable USB “wall wart” adapters and cables.
  • Headphones or amplified speakers (or connect to your living room A/V setup).
  • A free account with the Pandora streaming music service.

Optional but Recommended:

  • A USB WiFi adapter compatible with the Raspberry Pi (and an existing wireless network, of course). The Raspberry Pi Model B could be used with wired Ethernet, but this makes it less convenient.
  • A Pi Box enclosure, or other case with an open top (the Pibow and Pi Shell aren’t suitable — we need full access to the top of the board).

Temporary Items for Setup:

The following are required for assembly and configuration, but do not need to remain permanently attached:
  • Monitor (HDMI or composite)
  • USB keyboard
  • Possibly a powered USB hub
  • Soldering iron and solder (for assembling the LCD keypad kit)
Last updated on Jul 06, 2018 Published on Apr 12, 2013