Layout the Parts

The Pi-Top is a cute kit that lets you add a monitor, keyboard, trackpad, to your Pi while making it easy to access hardware for DIY experimentation!

Come with us as we put together one....

The Pi-Top includes:

  • LID - 13.3" screen
  • Base
  • Base Top (keybord/mouse)
  • Acrylic slice
  • Hub
  • HDMI cable
  • Micro USB cable
  • GPIO Breakout cable
  • Power Control cable
  • Keyboard cable
  • PCB Screws x8 (silver)
  • PCB Spacers / Standoffs x8 (brass)
  • M2.5 Nuts x9
  • SML Allen Key (1.25mm)
  • LRG Allen Key (2mm)
  • Micro SD Card (Pi-Top pre-installed)
  • AC to DC Adapter
  • Mains Power Cable

The Pi-Top does not include a Raspberry Pi. You will want to pickup a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B or later for optimium performance. 

Last updated on Sep 01, 2016 Published on Sep 01, 2016