Pi Hat

The 2x20 GPIO header will be to soldered to the Pi Nano hacker hat. Place the header into one of the set of pins like shown in the photo.

Solder all 40 pins in place and remove the excess pins using flush snips.

Wiring TFT

The 1.9in TFT will need 8 wired connections to the Raspberry Pi. Use a piece of ribbon cable to make the connections. 

Measure and cut a piece of ribbon cable so it's about 4in(10cm) in length. Solder the individual wires to 8 of the 11 pins on the TFT display.

Wiring Power Button

Connect two sets of quick connect cables to the four leads on the power button.

Connect one cable set to the LED, labeled + and – on the side of the button switch.

Connect the second cable set to the switch, labeled C(common) and NO(normally open)

Wiring Fan

The wires from the 5V fan can either be soldered directly to the pins on the Pi hat or use a set of connecting JST cables.

This 3-wire fan uses a 3-pin molex connector and has been shortened to better fit inside the case.

Wiring Pi Hat

Solder all of the cables and wires to the various pins on the Pi hat.

  • Cables for the two buttons.
  • Cables for the power button and LED.
  • Wires for the 5V fan (optional cable)
  • Wires for the 1.9in TFT display

Wired Pi Hat

Double check all of the wires and cables have been soldered to the correct pins on the Pi Hat.

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