Use the following instructions to install Pi Hole:


OK once you have set your Pi up and the WiFi is connecting to your home or office network, and your can ssh into it, continue with these easy steps! If you cannot connect via ssh yet, go back and read some of our guides until  you are able to log into your Pi.

Change Hostname

I like to do this first so I dont get confused between all the different Pi's in the house

Edit the hostname with sudo nano /etc/hostname and put something else on that first line, like pi-hole

Also change it in the hosts file with sudo nano /etc/hosts to match the same name. It's probably the last line:

Reboot and when you ssh in again, use pi-hole.local

Now's also a good time to change the Pi's password with passwd

Run Pi Hole Installer

There's more information on how installation at - as of the writing of this guide, its easier to just run:

curl -sSL | bash

It will take quite a while to install, and may seem to 'hang' at points. Just let it do its thing for about 20 minutes!

The screenshots below are based on the 3.1.4 release of Pi-Hole. The latest version may have slightly different screens and options, but generally accepting defaults to everything should be OK.


Pick who will be the upstream DNS (for non-ad blocked sites) - Google is fine and will probably be up all the time

99% of people will use IPv4 - if you need IPv6 you'd know!

The installer will automatically try to set the dynamic IP address it got from your router to be fixed. This works well enough, if you have an advanced network set up, you can configure a custom IP address

The Web Interface is kinda cool, and is password protected. We'll be showing most of the stats on the little OLED but we still need the API to be running so keep this on

It will keep installing! Just hold tight...

When its done you'll get this final config screen! Copy & paste the password into another window for now

Test Admin Page

On your desktop computer or tablet, visit http://pi-hole.local/admin/ And you should see an administration panel!

Test Blocking

On your tablet, phone, computer, etc - Set up your DNS server in the network settings to be the IP address of the Pi

You may need to restart your network or browser to have it kick in, also there may be some cached ads so don't worry if not everything is blocked. Visit your favorite site with ads (not cuz we don't have any! :) and see the difference!

Now that you've got that done, lets continue and install the display!

This guide was first published on Jun 28, 2018. It was last updated on Jun 28, 2018.

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