This project can be done with any Raspberry Pi, but for the most adorably compact version we're using a Pi Zero W - this has enough power to do what we want, and has built in WiFi too!

Pi Zero W base parts

Its easiest if you pick up a Pi Zero W budget pack as it contains most everything you need

Raspberry Pi Zero, SD card, cables, headers and case
Remember those cereal commercials that would always say, "part of a complete breakfast"? Well the Pi Zero's a lot like that bowl of cereal - while it's...
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But you can also just DIY with the minimum requirements:

1 x Pi Zero W
the type of low cost game-changing product Raspberry Pi's known for - the super light, super lean microcomputer we've come to know and low, but now with built-in WiFi.
1 x 4G or larger SD Card
You will be burning this card with Raspbian Jessie Lite so its ok if its blank or pre-burned
1 x Adafruit Pi Zero Enclosure
Adafruit's classic, sturdy plastic enclosure. Keeps your Pi Zero safe and sleek.
1 x 5V 1A USB wall adapter
This one is plenty good and you can use any Micro USB cable with it
1 x 5V 2.4A USB wall adapter
Super powerful for any uses, and comes with a built in MicroUSB cable

Pi OLED Display Addition

If you want to add an OLED display (which is suggested!) you'll also need:

Top view of assembled and powered on Adafruit PiOLED - 128x32 Monochrome OLED on a Pi Zero. The OLED displays a data readout.
If you're looking for the most compact li'l display for a Raspberry Pi (most likely a
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If you are using a Pi Zero W you'll need to add 2x20 headers too 

1 x 2x20 Male Header
Solder this in to plug in Pi HATs, GPIO cables, etc as you would into a normal Pi. Requires soldering


1 x 2x20 No-Solder Hammer Headers
If your soldering isn't quite up to scratch, or you just don't own a soldering iron yet, then these nifty hammer headers from Pimoroni might be just what you need.

Other things you may need...

You also need a way to burn that SD card!

Using a Pi 3 Instead of Pi Zero W

Instead of a Pi Zero W you can directly substitute in a Pi 3 which also has built in WiFi, you won't need the 2x20 header in that case

1 x Raspberry Pi 3
Raspberry Pi 3 with WiFi built in!

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