With the FunHouse and Home Assistant, you can automatically be alerted if your pet's bowl gets too low. For this project we are using the Simple Water Sensor. Even though it is designed to be a digital sensor, it will actually work in analog mode to give you a little more granularity. In this way, you can tell if your pet's water level is good, low, or needs water added.

In order to mitigate the effects of running electricity through water, the sensor is only on for a very short period of time to take a reading and turns back off. This is accomplished by using 2 of the ports on the FunHouse. One supplies the voltage to the sensor through the GPIO line and the other takes the reading.

We'll go over how to get your sensor set up and configure Home Assistant to read the status of the sensor and also send you notifications within the Home Assistant environment.


Home is where the heart is...it's also where we keep all our electronic bits. So why not wire it up with sensors and actuators to turn our house into an electronic wonderland....
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You'll need 2 of these STEMMA adapters.

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